Churdhar Peak


Churdhar Sanctuary is situated on the Churdhar Peak in Sirmaur District, of Himachal Pradesh and lies at an altitude varying from 2000 m to 3647 m. Churdhar peak is the highest peak in outer Himalayas. It is like an Oasis of Alpine area in an ocean of temperate forests.

The views from Churdhar peak are astounding The sanctuary got its name from the Churdhar Peak, on the top of which sits a majestic statue of Lord Shiva. One is sure to come across a large number of multi-colored and agile Monals in the adjoining forests.

The total covered area of this sanctuary is 5616 hectares and this was notified on 15th November 1985. This is one of the newest sanctuaries of the State.

Various birds and animals that can adapt themselves to the cold climatic conditions of the Himalayan mountains, reside in this sanctuary.


This is an excellent area for trekking during summer and early winters. Trekking from Nohra, Sarain and Pulbahal are tough but enjoyable.

How to get there

The sanctuary can be reached from Dadahu (48 km away), the headquarters of Renuka tehsil, via Sangrah, Bhawai, Gandhuri and Naura through a bridle path. It can also be easily approached by the Solan Rajgarh road.


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