Himachal Chief Minister expresses concern over Chinese threat

In the wake of many strange developments in the recent past with China, the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal has voiced his concern over the threat posed by China.

Speaking on sidelines of a function to inaugurate a building of Consumer Forum here, Dhumal cited that China had denied a visa to an IAS officer from Arunachal Pradesh cadre when around 100 IAS officers were going on an official visit to China in 2008.

"When our Prime Minister goes to Arunachal (Pradesh), so China objects on that; when IAS delegation has to got to China, it objects in giving visa to the IAS of Arunachal (Pradesh). Right now, I have learnt that they have set missiles in Tibet, which would target main cities of India. All these things are problematic. They are a threat to the nation's security, and I am saying this repeatedly that India has the greatest threat from China only," said Prem Kumar Dhumal.

He suggested that India should construct an international-level airport in Himachal Pradesh, both for tourism and from security point of view.

"We also brought this topic in the National Development Council meeting. On one side, China is making several airports and helipads, and making railway lines as well (in Tibet region)," Dhumal added.

Last month Beijing had refused a visa to an Indian Army General presently posted in Kashmir which happened to be the latest diplomatic spat between two Asian giants jostling for global influence and resources.

It may also be noted that in spite of decades of mistrust, China is today India's biggest trade partner. The value of bilateral deals was expected to pass $60 billion this year, a 30-fold increase since 2000, raising the stakes in maintaining peace.


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