History of Theog

The rulers share a common line of descent with the founders of Ghund and Madhan, who were all together sons of a Chandel Rajput of Jaipur. The state was made subordinate to Keonthal by a sanad of September 1815. Rulers were.... Rana BHUP CHAND 1847 /1866 , succeeded to the throne in 1847 , married and had issue, 3 children. He died 1866. Tikka Hari Chand, later Rana HARI CHAND (qv) Raj Kumar Nand Singh, born 1855, married and had issue, one son. Kanwar Hira Singh, married and had issue, four sons. Jai Singh Narayan Singh Parmatma Singh Kishan Singh Kanwar Nitu Singh Rana HARI CHAND 1866 /1892 , succeeded to the throne in 1866 , married 2 wives, and had issue, 5 children. Tikka Shumsher Chand, later Rana SHUMSHER CHAND (qv) Raj Kumar Madan Singh Raj Kumar Goverdhan Singh (by 2 nd wife), born 1890 , married and had issue, 1 son. Kanwar Dalip Singh Raj Kumar Bijey Singh, born 1896 , married and had issue, 1 son. Kanwar Amar Singh Raj Kumar Karam Singh, married a daughter of Kanwar Madan Singh of Ratesh, she died in 1909. Rana SHUMSHER CHAND 1892 /1909 , born 1859 , succeded in 1892 , married and had issue, 3 children. He died 1909. Tikka Padam Chand, later Thakur PADAM CHAND (qv) Daughter, married (as his first wife), Rana RAM SARAN SINGH of Khotkhai. Kanwar Kharak Singh, born 1889 , married a Rajput lady from Khaneti State, and had issue, 4 children. Kanwar Shiv Singh Kanwar Kedar Singh Kanwar Inder Singh Kanwar Guman Singh, married and had issue, 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. Kumari Tara Devi, born 10 th September 1956, married Raj Kumar Gandharva Singh, third son of Rana RAGHUNATH SINGH of Kotkhai . Kumari Pushpa Devi, married 1986, Thakur VIJAY CHAND of Beja . Thakur PADAM CHAND 1909 /1940 , born 1886 , succeeded to the throne and was installed in 1909 , married 1 stly, a Kumari of Keonthal, married 2 ndly, Raj Kumari (name unknown), daughter of the Rana Sahib of Balsan State, and had issue, 1 son and 1 daughter by 1 st wife, and 2 sons by the 2 nd wife. He died June 1940. Tikka Karan Chand, later Thakur KARAN CHAND (by 1st wife) (qv) Raj Kumari (name unknown) (by 1st wife), married Rana VASHISHT CHAND of Koti in Shimla, and had issue, 5 children. Raj Kumar Mohan Singh (by 2nd wife), married Kumari Padmawati Devi, daughter of Mian Shamsher Singh of Ratesh. Raj Kumar Kedar Singh (by 2 nd wife), married the daughter of Kanwar Shiv Singh of Ghund, and had issue, 5 children. Kanwar Raghubir Singh, born 1942. Kumari Uma Devi, born 1944 , married 1961 , Mian Jitender Singh, son of Mian Lachchman Singh of Bhajji State, and has issue, 1 son. Kanwar Kameshwar Singh, born 1946 , married 1982, and has issue, a son and a daughter. Kanwar Rajinder Singh, born 1948 , married to a Kumari of Madhan State, and has issue, 2 sons and a daughter. Kanwar Someshwar Singh, born in 1950 , married December 1985, a Rajput lady from Madhan State, and has issue, a daughter. Kumari (name unknown), born 29 th May 1987. Thakur KARAN CHAND 1940 /1962 , born 30 th November 1904 at Parala, Theog; educated privately and succeeded to the throne in December 1940 , he signed the merger treaty with the Union Government of India in 1948 , married 1 stly, a Kumari from Rawin, married 2 ndly, Kumari Triveni Devi, sister of Rao Madho Singh of Suwhli estate in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, born 1911 , died 1938 , and had issue, 3 children. He died 10 th August 1962 at Simla. Tikka Krishan Chand (later Thakur KRISHAN CHAND) (qv) Raj Kumari Savitri Devi, born December 1935 , died unmarried May 1977. Raj Kumari Shakuntla Devi, born 30 th December 1937 , married 26 th February 1971 , Thakur Baiju Singh from Kumaon, Uttaranchal, born 1934 , and has issue, 2 children, a son and a daughter. (New Delhi, India). Kunwar Siddarth Singh, born April 1973 , died November 1986. Kumari Urvashi Devi, born 8 th September 1974 at New Delhi, married Shri Sagar Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal.
PRESENT RULER: Thakur KRISHAN CHAND, succeeded to the throne on 10 th August 1962 and was installed in January 1963. (The Palace, Sainj, Tehsil Theog, District Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India) born 8 th August 1933 at Lady Reading Hospital, Simla; educated in Sainj and the Butler High School, Simla; married 26 th February 1952 , Kumari Vidya Devi, daughter of Mian Ranjit Singh of Koti State, born 12 th September 1933 , and has issue, 4 children. Raj Kumari Vindeshwari Kumari, born 1 st March 1953 at Sainj, married February 1973 at Chandigarh, Kanwar Ari Daman Singh Doad, youngest brother of Rana Gajender Chand of Manswal, born 1947, and has issue, a daughter, Kumari Gita Singh, born 1 st February 1975. Tikka Kirti Chand, born 23 rd February 1954 at Sainj; educated at Saint Edward's School, Simla and the DAV College at Chandigarh; married Kumari Nirupama daughter of Kanwar Bhopal Singh of Jubbal , and has issue, 2 children. Raj Kumar Shardul Chand, born 26 th March 1997 at Lady Reading Hospital, Simla. Raj Kumari Shivani Kumari, born 20 th March 1998 at the Government Hospital, Jubbal. Raj Kumar Bhim Singh, born 19 th November 1955 at Sainj, educated at Saint Edward's School, Simla; married 6 th July 1981 , Kumari Kaushalya Devi, daughter of Mian Sohan Singh of Ratesh State, born 30 th December 1957 , and has issue, 2 children. Kanwar Vapush Man Singh, born 16 th July 1982 at the Government Hospital, Theog. Kanwar Anshuman Singh, born 10 th May 1985 at Sainj. Raj Kumari Veereshwari Kumari, born 8 th January 1958 at Snowdon Hospital, Simla; married 7 th December 1978, Ravender Pal of Kutlehar , District Una, Himachal Pradesh (son of Kanwar Shiv Pal Singh, uncle of the present Raja Sahib of Kutlehar), born 1948, and has issue, a daughter and a son.
Source : http://www.uq.net.au/~zzhsoszy/ips/t/theog.html


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